Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Other Halmanator Strikes Again

Last year, I mentioned on this blog that I've set up a Google Alert to notify me of any new references to "Halmanator" on the interweb, and that I learned, through a Google Alert, that there's another Halmanator out there; some sort of techno/rave DJ, apparently.

Well, it happened again. Last week, Google alerted me to a basketball site called Inside Now, you may wonder why Google Alerts would think that I might be interested in a basketball web site. I know I did, until I scanned the link more carefully and noticed the following snippet, buried inconspicuously among the rest of the miscellany on the site:

Unfortunately, due to limitations in Blogger's image handling, I was unable to make this legible inline. You can click on it for a much more readable view, though).

No, the "Halmanator" to which the above refers is not me. I'm even doubtful that it's the same DJ person named on the earlier web site. Could there be yet a third Halmanator out there? To paraphrase the Sheriff of Nottingham from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon, "Ods fish! The very air abounds in Halmanators!"

Am I jealous of this Super-Halmanator who has apprehended Bin Laden, ended the Afghanistan conflict and brought peace to the Middle East for an encore? Certainly not! I have loftier ambitions. I'm working on getting the Leafs to the Stanley Cup playoffs this year. Top that, you poseurs!

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Martin said...

In an ideal world, I would sorely love to see the Blackhawks wipe out the Leafs in the Cup final. That matchup is unlikely to happen this year. However, I'm still getting considerable pleasure from the current NHL standings, with the Blackhawks at the very top of the league and the Leafs at the very bottom. Aren't I a stinker?