Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Other Halmanator

I recently learned, with some dismay, that the nickname by which this blog is identified is not unique to me alone. Not long ago, I set up a Google Alert to inform me about any references to The Halmanator, as I'm always interested to know when I'm being talked about, not to mention what it is that's being said. This was, of course, done under the assumption that any reference to The Halmanator must needs be a reference to myself, though not necessarily to this blog alone. I've used this moniker to represent me in other corners of cyberspace, including YouTube, MobyGames and various random comments and thoughts which I've posted elsewhere.

The aforementioned Google Alert recently directed me to an on-line forum which included the following:

Here we go with the march installments of infiltration & sequence, once again line-ups no holds barred bringing you you some of the biggest names in todays scene, welcoming dj motion on his infiltration debut all the way from darlington ready to blow it up alongside the halmanator, dj matrix mr new monkey b2b with the dj double-d <<<>
So it would seem that there is another soul out there who goes by the moniker of "The Halmanator", only his interests gravitate toward music, of the techo/dance/rave genre, no doubt. Now, tempted as I am to claim the black-clad blonde with the deep cleavage who appears to be masturbating in the poster above as my girlfriend, I'm afraid I must disavow any connection with Infiltration or its doppelganger Halmanator. Let me take this opportunity to assure you, Dear Reader, that should you ever encounter an individual on the street wearing shades and a hoodie and carrying a dual turntable under one arm, calling himself "The Halmanator", it isn't me.

Ah well, I suppose there's probably enough room in cyberspace for the both of us.

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