Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ronald McDonald: Would You Like To Downsize That?

I heard this past week that McDonald's is looking to change their image, shifting to "healthier" foods, such as salads and smoothies over hamburgers and soft drinks. This also means targeting the older crowd rather than kids, as has been their strategy thus far. They're even talking about phasing out Ronald McDonald as their official spokesperson!

It makes a certain amount of sense. Let's face it, the general demographic is aging. Smart marketers have to pay attention to the older generation. But I'm a little worried about Ronald. What's he going to do after McDonald's hands him his pink slip? Let's face it; it's a tough economy out there these days. Jobs are scarce and, as I commented in a recent post, a clown's career options in particular are somewhat limited. I'd sure hate to see Ronald McDonald, sitting on some street corner selling pencils from a (recyclable) paper cup five years down the road! That'd just be sad!

Worse yet, what if he becomes embittered about being put out to pasture after so many years of faithful service and, being unable to find any legitimate sources of income, turns to a life of crime? Suppose he joins forces with his old nemesis, the Hamburgler, and the two embark upon a crime spree unprecedented in the annals of fast food? Think it couldn't happen? Just remember, Ronald McDonald wouldn't be the first clown in history to turn to crime!

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Anonymous said...

If Toyota can have Lexus, why can't McD's have another level? Mick's?